Who is Joshua Bradley?

I’m a computer enthusiast with interests and experiences in many diverse aspects of computing. I can still remember the first time I had access to a computer was in the 4th grade of elementary school. I was instantly hooked, and often spent my recess time indoors so that I could continue to use the schools computers with out any interruptions from the other students. I started my life using Apple computers but I’ve since developed a fondness for many computer operating systems and have spent considerable time becoming fluent with the operations of Microsoft Windows desktop and server operating systems, as well as Linux operating systems such as Redhat, Debian, and Ubuntu.

However one can not spend all of their life knee deep in the digital realm. Another area of focus in my life is the study of philosophy. Through reading the many various texts on the subject it is my hope that I may obtain a greater understanding about other people and cultures that have existed in the course of human history. I feel this to be of great importance in today’s world economy, where we are commonly interacting with other groups who have different customs and beliefs than our own.

Areas of expertise: Window / Linux / Macintosh Systems Administration, Network Design and Impementation, Dynamic Web Developement, Technical Consultant, all around computer guy.
Some of my interests:
Internet Programming, Website Construction, Database Management, Natural Conservation, Renewable Energy, Mountain Biking, Electric Guitar